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Mark Stewart: ON/OFF

mark stewart: on/off

Pop Group to Maffia

Mark Stewart first made his presence felt as the front man for The Pop Group in the late 1970’s. They were pioneers of the post punk dance sound and had success with singles such as She is beyond good and evil, and We are all prostitutes. When the band split in 1980, Mark joined the emerging On U Sound crew as a part time member of The New Age Steppers. He then went on to form his own band with Keith LeBlanc and Doug Wimbish, the rhythm section of the Sugar Hill Gang, and guitarist Skip McDonald. With Adrian Sherwood and his production magic at the controls, The Maffia unleashed an awesome mix of styles that sounded like Bootsy Collins jamming over a bootleg Jah Shaka tape in an urban warzone. This incredible mix of funk, dub and electronic overload pre empted Techno and Drum & Bass by years. Mark Stewart, often copied, never bettered.


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